Writing: July 19, 2015, Sunday

There’s no entry for yesterday, not that I wasn’t planning to write. But events conspired against it, and I had family issues to deal with. I won’t bore you with the details.

Never mind, maybe I will. My father and son were run off the road by an SUV, driven by someone who didn’t stop after causing the accident. I’ve always said it was other people you have to watch out for when you’re driving because half the people on the road are idiots who shouldn’t be behind the wheel. Yes, they are! Anyway, my family is fine, but I have frustration to work out in my writing and a story to finish today. :D

I’m ready to make up for some lost time with today’s writing. My ultimate goal, and yes, I’ve given in and started calling them goals again, because I just can’t keep doing the mental gymnastics to call it something else, is to have a daily average of about 3,000 words using my schedule. It’s taking me a while to learn how to get there, but I do believe I can.

10:06 am

I’m getting started with today’s writing now. I’ll update some word counts and progress at my breaks.

12:17 pm

I’ve written 521 words this morning. That’s … incredibly slow for 2 hours of writing. :( I can legitimately blame some of that slowness on plotting, but the truth is, the plot is there and I was just tweaking stuff in one particular scene opening to make it easy to follow. I paid for that with a really low word count. I can definitely improve that when I get back to work, but it’s break time. I think I’m going to go ahead and take it now.

9:54 pm

I wrote 1,957 words today, but I deleted 461 words that I thought I’d be able to keep of the last scene in the book that I wrote at about the halfway point through the story. I have to be up really early tomorrow and it won’t be a writing day for a change, but I’m still trying to finish this story before I go to bed. However, I probably won’t take the time to write a final entry for this post until tomorrow or Tuesday. I need as much sleep as I can get tonight!

I wanted more words, and even though I’ll probably get some, I honestly believe I’m only a few paragraphs from wrapping this one up. 3,000 will have to wait until Tuesday. See you then.