Yesterday’s “slow start” turned into a “did not start” day

Yes, that’s exactly right. I wrote nothing yesterday, and I’m not sure why. Today is going to be a better day though and I’m starting that better day right now. Today’s Monday, which means it’s the first day of a new week.

I’m going to be aiming as hard as I can for that elusive 600 words in a session that could put me at 3,000 words each day once I finish all my sessions. I’d like to make up some ground (ground that I never had, actually, if one considers the fact that I’ve been behind on my 2,000 word average from day one). At the moment (counting today’s unwritten words) I’m 6,704 words behind my 2,000 a day average. If I write a bit over 3,000 today I could cut that in half and chip away at it the rest of this week. That’s the plan!