Finish the next book challenge: 42,000 words in 10 days

I need to finish my next book. That’d be about 42,000 words, and to finish on time to publish when I’d like to publish, that gives me about 10 days to write them.


I’d better get started. I’ve puttered around long enough since I finished the last one. It won’t require anything more from me than meeting my reasonable daily word count for 10 days. (4,251 x 10 = 42,510 words, or better yet, 4,558 x 10 = 45,580 words). I can do that.

I’ll post my chart with session times and word counts for the day later. I’m determined to make today count. I want to beat that no more zero word days record of 122 days and today is day 1 (again). :D

First thing: No WiFi!

See ya!