I had intentions today

I had intentions today, but apparently it wasn’t meant to be. Or maybe it was and I just found a way around it. :D

The fact is, I made a plan last night (will detail it tomorrow), and then tried this morning to work it, but, GAH!, the time change really messed me up this morning. I was off my routine from the moment I woke up and couldn’t get back to it. But I procrastinated well today and got a lot done. (No TV probably helped that!)

Only 27 minutes and 288 words of that was writing related. Well, except for going over an email from a cover designer and trying to decide if the cover made sense for one of my upcoming (unfinished!) books. I haven’t decided.

I actually think the cover would work well for a different upcoming book in the series, but suggesting that would pretty much commit me to the new look for the series, while just today I was doing my own mock-up practice cover for the book (oh, yeah, forgot about that being writing related work today too!) and trying to figure out why I still want to make my own cover despite having already committed to having one designed by someone else!

But—I do have a session log!

Minutes Words Session WPH
27 288 288 640