Late start today

Update: UGH! Failed!*

Today I intend to write. Yes, WRITE. It’ll be 3 o’clock or so when I finally start on it, but when I do, I think I’ll aim for the following.

6 40 minute sessions with a 5 minute break between sessions 1-3, a longer break, then the same for sessions 4-6.

On the caffeine withdrawal, I think I can blame it for how quickly fatigue is setting in with my forearm muscles. Nothing else has changed lately, just me going from no coffee to lots of coffee and back to no coffee at all. Head still hurts a bit, feels like an ache more than a throb, but I just can’t explain this forearm pain any other way. The fact is, the only time I usually have it is when I type too fast for too long. That’s definitely not my problem this time!

*Failed to get started again today in favor of television I didn’t even want to watch. Still not sure why I hate the idea of writing the rest of this book! And still not sure why I can’t just set it aside and move on to something else for a while—although maybe it’s because I’m afraid I won’t get back to the other book in a reasonable amount of time! So, I’m just going to have to say no to TV tomorrow.

In fact, here’s a challenge for me—no TV until I finish this book. If I actually put in the time on it, it’d only take me a few days, a week at the absolute most, to finish the book! So. No TV til it’s done.