Just read my day before yesterday post

And I’m feeling a bit let down by myself. I really thought I had a shot at reaching the 2,167 words yesterday when I wrote the post the day before. Then I forgot all about it and yesterday morning I updated my reports and adjusted my figure based on more accurate numbers. Still, if I’d met my goal, I would have done better than the 2,167 by a few hundred words so now I’m even more bummed.

I’m starting to hate this book. This isn’t a usual feeling for me so I’m feeling out of sorts. I can’t stop feeling like it’s horrible, like I’ve written several of my characters one way and then another, and that not only are they are inconsistent, but they’re just repeats of characters I’ve done before. I don’t usually feel that way either!

Something’s going to have to break loose today or I’m going to have to delete … about 9,000 words. Ugh! What a mess. Talk about being behind schedule. If I delete that much, I might as well kiss the idea of finishing this book this month goodbye, because it won’t happen.

I’m also a bit disturbed by the amount of deleting I’ve been doing over the past 6 months. I’m starting to wonder if it’s getting out of control—meaning I’m letting perfectionism ruin perfectly good writing. I’m going to have to think about that before I hit the delete key this time.

Perfectionism is a dream destroyer. I can’t let it into my writing. :o