Oh the shame, I wrote 155 words yesterday

I hesitated to even write this post! I wrote 155 words yesterday. It was more time spent revisiting old material and I never even got my timers started because I’m making it a point not to run my timer when I’m working over material that’s already written.

I don’t want to be revisiting this stuff, but the book is not going well and I knew I needed to get some stuff figured out before I moved on. That’s what I mean by revisiting old material. I’m not really rewriting, per se, I’m just trying to reconfigure what’s happening and in the process things do get changed. Put another way, I don’t rewrite sentences to make them sound better (most of the time—I’m not going to say I never); I rewrite sentences to fit the story I’m trying to tell.

The real truth in all this is that I’m just not spending enough time writing. I tend to shut down and bail as soon as it gets hard. I need to overcome this habit if I want to be prolific (and I do—obviously just not as badly as I want writing to be easy for me).

I’m late starting today (it’s 9:54 am ) but I aim to do a better job of staying with the writing today even when it gets hard.