Today’s intentions: resist the resistance

Update: Failed!* 

Today’s plan is the same as yesterday: do eight 30 minute sessions of 405 words each.

Like yesterday, I’m dealing with a lot of resistance to getting started.

I’m noticing that typing with the new keyboard cover feels harder. The key presses need a firmer finger, and my forearm muscles are feeling achy. I’m wondering if it’s a problem from the new keyboard cover, of if it’s just another unfortunate side-effect of the caffeine withdrawal. I don’t know. My fingernails are annoying me, but I clipped them just the day before yesterday and they’re too short to clip again. I’ve been achy in a lot of places both yesterday and today. Little twinges of pain, like pinched nerves or tight muscles. I’ve switched out the keyboard cover several times trying to figure out if this is a real thing, but in all honesty, I can’t tell.

Either way, I need to push all this aside and get to work. Might be time for some acetaminophen. I don’t like to take that kind of thing too often, but if I don’t start to feel better, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to resist giving up before I’ve even started.

*I never got started at all. Although the acetaminophen did help me feel better, I wasn’t able to make myself start writing. I binge watched the last season and a half of White Collar, which I shouldn’t have started but then decided why the hell not? I’ve been wanting to catch up ever since season 5 started, and that was years ago! Then I spent a ridiculous amount of time last night and this morning going over the series ending in my head, figuring out why I didn’t really like it. I’ve had to resort to distracting myself today every time my thoughts wander that way again. (And yes, they do keep wandering back to that, somewhat obsessively.)