Making progress; accountability for yesterday’s and today’s writing

Considering the day I had yesterday, I’m happy to say I wrote 1009 words yesterday. Most of that was in one session yesterday morning from about 7–8 am, on story R.

Today, I’m working to make up some word count, hoping I’ll get in 8 hours of writing. I’m sticking with what’s working. I’ll do 1 hour for each story: O, R, G, Gf, T, W, plus 2 extra sessions for story O. W is the book I’ve been struggling to finish, but it’ll happen when it happens. I rarely do so many hours of writing in a day, so it’s not a given, but I’m going to try. There’s also a chance I’ll have to be gone for a 4 hour stretch today and if that happens, the 8 hours is going to be really difficult. But I’ll worry about that if it happens. :D

For now, back to writing. I’ve been at it about 25 minutes, but an interruption threw me off a bit and I decided to write this post before I restarted.

Hour: words
1 (story T)

I’ll update as I work, because that’s how I like to do it. :)