Today’s progress report

Hour #1 (Story O*): 218 words (notes below)
Hour #2 (Story R): 853 words
Hour #3 (Story G): 996 words (notes below)
Hour #4 (Story Gf): 587 words (notes below)
20 minutes extra on Gf: 349 words

Cumulative words: 3003
Cumulative wph: 693

Hour 1 notes

One hour down. Lots to go.

And unfortunately, I’ve been away from most of these stories so long that if the first one is any indication, my word count is going to be much lower today than I’d hoped.

*Stories I plan to work on today are: O, R, G, Gf, T, W. The letters are as good as any other label, so I’m using it. If it were to try something like story 1, story 2, I’d just get even more confused. At least this way, I can figure out what I’m talking about. By the way, W is the book I’ve been struggling to finish, and O is the book I need to finish this month.

I spent a lot of time just trying to get back up to speed and make some adjustments in the first 5000ish words I had already written.

(I discovered I had screwed up is what happened. I had edited the story the last time I worked on it, and when I read the opening today, it sucked. I pulled the oldest backup I had, and re-did the opening of the story the way it was the first time I wrote it. In my last writing session with this story, I’d gone way beyond fixing typos and making corrections. I don’t have anything against making changes to a story in progress when changes are needed, but changing what happens in a story isn’t the same as changing how I describe what happens. I’d gone in with a heavy hand and attempted to do the latter, and I should have known better. It never works out well for the flow.)

Hour 3 notes

My average words per hour is recovering a bit from that rough first hour. Also, apparently that first book has issues unrelated to getting back into the story, because I’m doing great with the others so far and I’ve had to get back into those too. But it’s now time to switch again. So, back to work! Here’s hoping the increase in speed holds out for the rest of my sessions. :)

Hour 4 notes

Hour 4 turned out to be my last hour. I just ran out of time. I definitely didn’t run out of interest. But I have a busy day tomorrow and I don’t know exactly how much writing I’ll get done so I can’t stay up later. One thing I know though is that I MUST do a better job of managing my use of time. Somehow I let loads of it slip past and ended up struggling (and staying up later than I wanted) just to get in 4 hours.