Today’s goal: 625 words x 5

I’m going to update this post as the day goes along, keeping a running log of my progress.

Goal 1— 625 (at 735)
Goal 2— 1250 (at 1,504)
Goal 3— 1875 (at 2,163)
Goal 4— 2500 (finished at 3,183!)
Goal 5— 3125

The last time I wrote at least 3,000 words in a day was September 18, 2014. No wonder I’m writing slow these days. I’m out of practice. :o I should make a point of having at least one 3,000 word day a week.


Goal 1: First session went well and I made it to 735 words. I started just a bit later than I thought I would but I still think I can get in two more sessions before I have to stop for some family/life stuff. I’ll be picking up the last two sessions later this evening around 6:30 if all goes according to plan.

Goal 2: I ended this session with 1,504 words total. The session went well, although I forgot that I needed to have lunch so I paused to cook and eat. So, of course, I’m not going to be able to do more than get started with the next session before I have to stop. Still, if I can keep up my pace, I will reach my goal today. The book is back on track for the moment and I’m liking it again (a lot!). :D

Goal 3: This one started a lot later than I’d hoped, so I’m very glad it went well. I’ve ended the session with 2,163 words, meaning there’s actually the possibility I’ll meet this goal with one more solid session. Fingers crossed! I’m going to push for it!

Goal 4: I reached my word count goal for the day after only 4 sessions instead of 5 and finished at 3,183 words for the day. Yay!