Today feels like a fresh start

A lot of the issues that have caused my new year to get off to a slow start have been resolved (or mostly so) and that anxiety has eased. I still feel a little out of sorts for some unidentified reason, but overall I’m feeling really good about setting aside the excessive forum and blog reading and the attempt to fit my writing to a schedule (and maybe this change in routine is part of the reason I feel out of sorts—reading those things and playing around with my calendar had become firmly entrenched in my daily routine).

Since I’m not trying to adhere to any specific routine, I read a book this morning.

Now I’m about to start writing the end of that book I’m working on. I’m excited to see if I’ll reach six hours of writing time today. I hope so, but I’m aware that it’s the afternoon already (1:34 pm) and that I definitely feel odd today. Sometimes when I finish a book I don’t feel crisp afterward. I feel disconnected from the real world, if that makes sense. It makes me feel weird and ready to get right back to reading another book so the feeling goes away.

I’ve already had to fight off the urge to read one of my own books when I had a thought about a particular scene. The urge was strong and I had to really resist it, knowing that I really want to work on the end of my current book! Funny how we can sometimes actually, truly want to do one thing and still let ourselves be lured away to do something else instead. Or maybe that’s just a problem for me, but I don’t think so.

Anyway, off to do some real writing.