Today’s Plan (Success!)

I’m working on two novels at the moment. Both need to be finished ASAP. One needs 20–25k more words and the other needs 25–30k. If I can follow my plan, I should finish the second one within a week of the first.

I need both of these books completed this month, and preferably not both of them on August 31 either. :o

If I can stick to my plan from this day forward, I can finish the first by the 20th and that’s later than I want but acceptable.

So, the plan is to stick to the plan! :D

Today’s goal is 2,900 words in 4 hours. That’s 725 words in each one hour session, with a goal of doing ten 5 minute sprints where I maintain an average of 73 words per session (or 15 wpm). It’s the second guessing and deleting that kills my speed every time, so I’m going to try to limit that today.

9:20–10:20 (stopped at 10:20, finished 7 sessions, reached 619 words) (seemed to be off to a slow start, lots of second guessing and tweaking as I went!)
10:30–11:30 (stopped at 11:38, finished 3 sessions, forgot to reset, reached 659 words) (got busy tweaking and ended up writing without the timer by mistake—not sure how that happened, tbh)
12:00–1:00 (finished at 1:04, did 9 sessions, reached 900 words even, yay!)
2:30–3:30 (finished at 3:42, did 8 sessions, reached 861 words)

Success! I’ve reached 3,055 words.

Then if the writing is going well and I feel like continuing, I’ll aim for 5,000 in 3 more sessions.


I’ve decided I’m not ready to commit to going for 5,000 today so I’m going ahead and taking the three extra hours off my schedule. I still might do another hour or maybe even two, but I’m going to break for now. :D

It’s time to get tea and settle in and try, try, try to get my creative juices flowing, so I’m going to wrap this planning session up here.

I made some adjustments to my start times for the later sessions.