Today’s Plan

Today’s plan is pretty much just a repeat of yesterday’s plan, with slightly very modified start times for my sessions because I won’t be getting started as early.

Same as yesterday, my goal is 2,900 words in 4 hours. That’s 725 words in each one hour session, with a goal of doing ten 5 minute sprints where I maintain an average of 73 words per session (or 15 wpm). Less second guessing and deleting, because I want to finish on time!

Also, if I feel good about it all, I might throw in some extra, but unlike yesterday, I’m not pre-planning that because I’m not convinced I want to do it since I’m starting a bit lot late today.

11:20–12:20 (453 wordsinterrupted by a phone call I couldn’t avoid – hoping to catch up in next session)
12:30–1:30 (277 wordscan’t seem to stay focused!)
2:30–3:30 (491 wordsfocus desperately needed!)
4:00–5:00 (502 words, omg, writing feels hard today…)
5:10–6:10 (379 words, sitting at 2,143 total, atm, so I guess that means I’ll be back for another hour later)
8:30–9:30 (467 words)

Partial success! I made it to 2,610. So although I didn’t make it to 2,900, I did write more than the minimum I need to stay on track with my plan for a higher daily word count.

It became obvious at a certain point that I needed to add at least a fifth hour into the schedule today so I updated to do that. I hope a sixth isn’t necessary, but if it is, I’ll update as necessary. :o