Today’s final numbers

It was a fantastic day for writing, I have to say. I made a great recovery after yesterday’s apparent self-sabotage (I did get 720 words yesterday so it wasn’t a total loss).

Minutes Words Session WPH
45 863 863 1,151
45 1,713 850 1,133
45 2,312 599 799
45 3,452 1,140 1,520
45 4,241 789 1,052
25 4,951 710 1,704
250 Total minutes 4.16667 Hours completed
4,951 Total words
1,188 Total WPH -0.3307 Hours to finish

The biggest success today was how quickly I did this. Almost every one of my breaks came in under 15 minutes (not all, but most) and I was done by 3:56 pm. :)

One thing I will say, writing faster like this made my forearms hurt. I don’t usually have pain from writing, and I’m not liking this at all. I think I’ll stick to writing more instead of trying to write faster.

I was pushing, today, to finish early enough to go shopping so that anxiety would ease up, and I made it. :) I shopped, and now I’m finally done with that.

Also, I wrapped presents during my breaks—just one or two at a time, but it also helped me get a start on that. Tomorrow I’ll do the same thing and maybe get all the presents wrapped up!