Writing on a schedule (Restart—day 3)

Yesterday I wrote 1,955 words (working on two stories). I meant to make that 2,000 before I went to bed, but television distracted me. I ended up watching a movie.

The fact is, although I would have liked to have written 2,000, I did stick to the schedule and stopped at 4 pm. I should have just kept going for a few more minutes and wrote the next 45 words before I stopped, because I don’t have an obligation to write anything after 4 and I should have suspected I might not get back to it. :) Lesson learned. Maybe I’ll remember it next time.

Fri, 7/10/15 746,353 2,321
Sat, 7/11/15 747,726 1,373
Sun, 7/12/15 749,681 1,955