Writing on a schedule (Restart—day 4)

Today I wrote 1,709 words in about 3.5 hours (one story). I have 4 novels and 1 short story I’m trying to finish as soon as I can. 4 for one pen name, 1 for another. I really wish I could write faster. I want to get all the ideas down for these stories while they’re fresh in my mind and my slow speed makes it so hard to do.

The bad news is that I really didn’t do anything any different today, so it’s not reasonable for me to expect to have made any improvements in my speed. I’m going to try to think of some ways to change that for tomorrow.

I could—

  • use a timer (I really don’t want to!)
  • spend a few minutes writing a short line or two about where I think each of my stories should/could go next (I need to remember to try this tomorrow)
  • find some way to keep reminding myself to write new words instead of playing with what’s already there (I really have been overdoing this)
  • I don’t know, but I’m sure there’s something else I could do! I’m going to give it more thought tonight.

I want to have 2 of these stories done by the end of August because I have a public “tentative” deadline for those two. Meaning of course I can change the date, but I’d really rather not. :o

I tried to stay on schedule both days, but the truth is I’m having a lot of trouble getting started on time in the morning and after lunch. If I weren’t having so much trouble, I’d be much closer to 3000 words a day.

I’m just going to keep trying.

If I ever crack this speed thing, I’d love to be writing closer to 3000 words a day in about 3 to 4 hours and I’d write from 9 to 1 every day instead of having to have 2 sessions (9 to 12 and 1 to 4) to even get close. I think I’d love it anyway. Won’t know for sure until I get there. ;)

Time for some honestly here. I would write much slower if my income didn’t depend on it because although writing is fun for me, I don’t feel compelled to do it all that often and the work to get it down into text is not my favorite thing in the world. I love having written and rereading my stories much more than I love the actual writing of them. :)

The good news is that I’m doing it anyway, and I’m really happy that I’ve been able to make this my career. I don’t think I’d enjoy any other half as much.

Fri, 7/10/15 746,353 2,321
Sat, 7/11/15 747,726 1,373
Sun, 7/12/15 749,681 1,955
Mon, 7/13/15 751,390 1,709