Slipped but didn’t fall

I had a headache yesterday. Even so, I still wrote for 2 hours and 10 minutes and wrote 1,842 words. I have to say, I’m on a fantastic pace with this book. I’m not sure why, but I’m really going to keep trying to keep it up.

Saturday’s session logs:

Minutes Words Session WPH
36 498 498 830
53 1,289 791 895
37 1,776 487 790
4 1,842 66 990
130 Total minutes
1,842 Total words
850 Total WPH

I could have finished if not for my headache and general malaise, because I was still on a great pace with the book.

4 Hours to write
1.83333 Hours left
759 WPH needed

But I didn’t, so no point dwelling on it.

Now, to get started for today before I get too far off my suggested schedule (it’s 8:19). I’d definitely like to get 3 hours in before 11:30 today and I still have time to do that if I get started right this moment.