Not quite there but better than average

I wrote 2,285 words yesterday in 3 hours. So although I came up short on my time and my quota for word count, I still did much better than my current all-time average daily word count of 665.

If I keep beating my average, my average will go up. ;)

Anyway, I’m getting a late start today and I have no excuse for that at all (and can’t actually understand how it happened either!) so I have to get started if I don’t want to fall even further behind with the day’s writing. I’d still like to finish at about 3 pm today!

Yesterday’s session log:

Minutes Words Session WPH
33 391 391 711
47 982 591 754
60 1,794 812 812
40 2,285 491 737
180 Total minutes
2,285 Total words
762 Total WPH