No plan today: I’m already there

I decided last night that I needed to focus on writing about results instead of intentions, thinking that would mean I’d have a better chance of getting started on time this morning and staying on schedule. That didn’t exactly work, although I did manage to get my 3 hours before lunch and get my lastContinue reading “No plan today: I’m already there”

Trying today to write more than 5,221 words

I’m going to try again today to break my new one-day word count record. :) I didn’t do well with that challenge on Sunday, ending the day early with only 535 words. Today I expect better. But first I have to get off the WIFI and get started, so I’ll be back later with details.Continue reading “Trying today to write more than 5,221 words”

Breaking my one-day word count record—attempt #3

Success! I’m writing this in Evernote today so I can have the accountability without the WIFI. ;) I need accountability. FYI: This turned out to be one long log! TMI warning! 8:02 am— Starting with a 50 minute timed session of writing. Playlist is playing. Book doc is open. And yes, I’m still working inContinue reading “Breaking my one-day word count record—attempt #3”